Tea Time W Tay Tay

HEYOO frands! Well this is my typical “first post” on my blogggg… So pumped to hang with yall and its gonna be a supesies fun time😊 So first of all I really am excited to share things of little value because that is what life is supposed to be!! I like wigs, like long haired wigs, colored wigs, everything wigs is awesome! So I always wear a wig for Halloween. And at Halloween I always eat pumpkin pizza! And I like cheesecake! And I like majestic creatures AKA HORSIES! And RUNNING and YAAAAAA¡¡ I will also be having some guest bloggers on here because I know that you all might get bored of my wonderful, inspiring posts, so we might have to downgrade sometimes to people who probs aren’t as good as me at blogging (😔) but ITl BE ALL RIGHT PEOPLE ITS GONNA BE A-OKAY! So I hope you all enjoyed my first post, the next will be even better- join me for this run of life. Wait, I have a better ending- come along for the ride! (Cus I like horses) okay I won’t be on the line anymore for now so ttyall laterrr<3

6 thoughts on “Tea Time W Tay Tay

  1. TAY TAY UR MY IDOL CAN I PLZ HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH???!!!!!! (Be sure to make it out to me, my bff Ron, and Ron’s naked mole rat named Rufus!) 🙃


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