Well today has been a fantabulous day so far. I got a carrot in my eye! Like a chunk of carrot! It is so ironic because carrots are supposed to have like vitamin A or something to make you see better, but this carrot in my eye definitely did not make me see better, it was quite the contrary! So that was funny! And then I ate the rest of the carrots for lunch and they were pretty good but some of them weren’t so good😔 oh well… Carrots are just like life… Some are good and awesome and then some get in your eye… For my next blog we are going to have a guest blogger! I won’t reveal her identity so it’s a supripri aka (surprise) but, I wil tell you she is a brown haired beauty with a booty, one of the few people I know who miiighht love food as much as me, a fellow crocoholic, and my ‘Bou Babe mentor💗💗 #kimye!

     Allrighty friends, it’s been fun these past 189 words, let’s keep the likes, comments and reposts going! Let’s make Tea Time go VIRAL!


3 thoughts on “Carrots

  1. This blog is amazing, I love it almost as much as I love food. I can’t wait to hear what the guest blogger has to say! Keep up the good work 🙂


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