soul searching

****PS: my guest blogger is an absolutely LOVELY human bean, but did not feel confident enough to speak to my wide audience/groupies/fan children…. ://// SO!

Apologies fellow tea time readers😓 it’s been WAAAAYYY too long so let’s get this blog party started! This is gonna be a LONG BLOG SO BUCKLE UP PEOPLE WERE GOING ON A HOLEY-MOLEY THIS IS AMAZING KIND OF RIDE – RIGHT- NOW!!!! Well this weekend was filled with great frands and food (but I’m not revealing my location cus that’s DANGEROUS¡¡) I have been lately doing a lot of soul searching. Soul searching to figure out what kind of food I most like. Soul searching to figure out what time I should go to bed. Soul searching to figure out what TV shows I should watch. More like soul surfer! What a GREAT movie am I right?! I recently found out about the Acapella app, as many of you probably allready are familiar with. I, along with my female acapella group named the “Lovely Ladies” will probably most likely maybe not but possibly be famous on that app within some time- so be on the look out for us!! Next time I write, I may be an international sensation, just giving credit to this humble abode I am privledged to call my blog.💗 Anyways, my next blog will be written by a magical word godess. A curly haired pumpkin spice latte, if you will. With that, my friends, I will leave you with some advice from an amazing lyrical genius herself- HANNAH MONTANAAAAA!!!!! (hannah mole-tana for you chem wizards)

This is the life! (life!)
Hold on tight! (hold on, hold on!)
And this is the dream! (dream!)
It’s all I need! (hold on!)
You never know where you’ll find it
And I’m gonna take my time yeah.
And I’m still getting it right
This is the life

2 thoughts on “soul searching

  1. You rock, your words are very inspiring to me! I’m a fellow acapella enthusiast and I would love to do the shrek theme song with you sometime. Keep doing you. Btw the Hannah mole-tana joke make me giggle.


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